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Peristaltic Pumps

Spectrum Chromatography sells 2 peristaltic pumps with different flow ranges for use in low-pressure liquid chromatography. The most significant advantage of peristaltic pumps over other pump types is that the sample fluid has no contact with the pump. Only the replaceable pump tubing has contact with fluid stream. Not only does this eliminate the risk of cross contamination by simply replacing a piece of tubing, but it also provides different chemical compatibilities based on the tubing material selected.

The Research I pump sold by Spectrum is available in 2 versions that differ only in the speed of the pump, one pump has a 100 RPM top speed and the other a 600 RPM top speed. Each pump includes a pump drive unit and 1 pump head. A second head can be purchased separately and added to either pump drive to make a 2 channel peristaltic pump. The pump drives also have remote control capabilities which allow them to be stopped remotely (e.g. by a CF-2 fraction collector at the end of a run).

The 100 RPM pump drive is suitable for use with our small (5 cm diameter and less) chromatography columns. The 0.21 to 21 ml/min flow rate range with 3/16" OD tubing produces linear flow rates of 0.04 to 4 cm/min in a 2.5 cm diameter column.

The 600 RPM drive is better suited for use with our larger (7.5 cm diameter and more) chromatography columns. The 4.8 to 480 ml/min flow rate range with 1/4" OD tubing produces linear flow rates of 0.1 to 10 cm/min in a 15 cm diameter column.

Peristaltic pumps are also frequently used as general-purpose laboratory pumps.


100 RPM600 RPM
Power Requirements:90 - 260 VAC
100 VA
90 - 260 VAC
100 VA
Line Frequency:40 to 65 Hz40 to 65 Hz
(with head)
8.5" x 9" x 14"
22 x 23 x 36 cm
(w x h x l)
8.5" x 9" x 14"
22 x 23 x 36 cm
(w x h x l)
Operating Temperature:0°C to 40 °C, noncondensing0°C to 40 °C, noncondensing

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Part No.DescriptionPrice

146821600 RPM Research I Peristaltic Pump$1,900order part 146821
146928Additional pump head for Research I Pump$379order part 146928

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You'll need flexible tubing for use with a peristaltic pump. The various sizes and materials available are listed here.


The manual for the Research I Pump is available on-line here.
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