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IS-95 Interval Sampler

The IS-95 periodic sample collection device A common need in many quality control or quality assurance settings is to be able to collect periodic samples. These may be of waste streams, of source materials, or from a reactor to verify its progress.

While a standard laboratory fraction collector can be used for continuous collection tasks, if you want smaller, periodic samples you will need to use a real interval sampler.

The IS-95 Interval Sampler is ideal for taking periodic samples of liquids. Simply provide the interval for sampling and the sample size and it will do the rest. It can control a valve for sampling from a low pressure line or elevated tank; it can also control a pump for situations where the sample has to be lifted to be collected.

The IS-95 Interval Sampler includes a drop counter and drop former. This allows you to size your samples based on either the number of drops or on the time of collection. If you require large samples, you can even have a single collection span several tubes.

The IS-95 Interval Sampler includes remote control capability. An external controller can start and stop the sampler, as well as follow its progress as it collects samples. Outputs indicate when a sample is being collected as well as when a tube or rack change is occurring. Inputs are available to start a collection run and to force a tube advance.

The IS-95 can collect up to 173 samples in 12 or 13 mm diameter tubes. Racks holding different sized tubes are also available. The IS-95 is sold without a rack set, you will need to select the rack set most suitable for your collection vessels and purchase it separately.

The diverter valves can be used to interrupt a flowing stream for collection. When not being collected, liquid will flow through the valve along its normal path. When material is being collected, the entire flow will be diverted to the sampler.

The shutoff valve is used to not divert the entire flow or to sample from a low pressure container. A "T" fitting is placed in the line and the shutoff valve is connected to one leg. When collecting, the shutoff valve is opened and some of the flow goes through the valve to be collected while the rest continues it's normal path.

Special Features of the IS-95 Include:

  • Periodically samples liquids
  • Collects up to 173 samples
  • Tube sizes from 10 to 28 mm diameter
  • Sample sizes based on time or volume
  • Drop counter included
  • Cold-room compatible
  • CE marked & complies with RoHS

IS-95 Interval Sampler Technical Specifications:

Tube Capacity:174 12 or 13 mm tubes
116 10 to 16 mm tubes
116 18 mm tubes or vials
42 28 mm tubes or vials
Sample Size:6 sec to 999 min and 59 sec in 1 sec increments,
1 drop or volume to 9999 drops or volumes in 1 drop or volume increments.
Sample Interval:6 sec to 999 min and 59 sec in 1 sec increments
Tube Change Time:0.35 sec maximum within 12/13 mm rack
Dimensions:28 cm x 12 cm x 40 cm
11 x 4.5 x 16 inch
w x h x l
Weight:5 kg (10 lb)
Operating Temperature:0°C to 40°C, noncondensing
Power Requirements:115 ± 20 VAC, 20 VA
230 ± 40 VAC, 20 VA
Line Frequency:45 to 65 Hz
Event Mark Output:Open collector outputs, 1 for tube change, 1 for rack change.
Count Input:TTL low or contact closure for 1 ms to 1 s, or drop counter. Maximum count rate is 5 per second.

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Product No.DescriptionPrice

141200IS-95 Interval Sampler, 115V, includes drop counter but no tube racks.$2,967order part 141200
141202IS-95 Interval Sampler, 230V, includes drop counter but no tube racks. CE & RoHS.$3,137order part 141202
124853Set of tube racks for holding up to 174 tubes of 12 or 13 mm diameter.$407order part 124853
124854Set of tube racks for holding up to 116 tubes of 10 to 16 mm diameter.$438order part 124854
124855Set of tube racks for holding up to 116 tubes of 17 or 18 mm diameter.$749order part 124855
124856Set of tube racks for holding up to 42 scintillation vials (28 mm diameter).$740order part 124856
1248383-way diverter valve. Used to periodically sample all of the flow in a length of tubing.$706order part 124838
1248482-way shutoff valve. Used to periodically sample part of the flow in a length of tubing by means of a "T" fitting.$460order part 124848
124858Dust Cover for Interval Sampler. Reduces the risk of contamination to your samples by any airborn dust.$230order part 124858

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Fraction Collector

CF-2 Fraction Collector
The CF-2 Fraction Collector is similar to a interval sampler. But, instead of only collecting small samples at intervals, it is used to collect all of a flowing stream. it is usually used to collect the effluent from a chromatography column, but can be used to collect other streams of liquids as well.


The manual for the IS-95 Interval Sampler is available on-line here.

The IS-95 Interval Sampler is also described here and here.

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