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New Spectra/Por® Tube-A-Lyzer®
Disposable & Ready-to-Use Dynamic-Dialysis Device
Spectrum's Tube-A-Lyzer is a ready-to-use, gentle separation device that combines convenience and disposability with the efficiency of dynamic dialysis to significantly increase the mass transfer rate and reduce the overall dialysis from 1-2 days to 12 hours. This self-contained, disposable device incorporates a semi-permeable membrane tubing that separates the sample chamber from the surrounding flow-through buffer chamber. The dry Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE) membrane tubing is available in 6 MWCO's and the membrane-defined sample chamber is available in 2 volume sizes. The sample port provides easy access for loading, recovering and in-process testing. The housing is designed to be a flow-through dialysate chamber that can be connected to a buffer source and a waste collection vessel, or for discharging directly to drain. Tube-A-Lyzer is non-pyrogenic and can be sterilized (25 kGy gamma irradiation).

Mounted onto the support rack of the KrosFlo® Research I Pump System, Spectrum Laboratories part no. ACR1-U2S-01N (600 RPM), the Tube-A-Lyzer device can be operated as a single unit or in parallel when multiple units are combined using a coupling bracket (sold separately) into a multi-unit device. A second pump head can be mounted to the pump to operate two Tube-A-Lyzer units in parallel.


  • Faster dialysis; 4-12 hrs
  • Ready-to-Use and disposable: no preparation required
  • Easy sample loading, in-process testing and recovery
  • Maintains maximum concentration gradient
  • Prevents polarization and membrane fouling
  • Achieves higher sample purities
  • No heavy metals & sulfide contaminants
  • 95-98% Recovery

CE Membrane6 MWCO's (0.1-0.5, 3.5-5, 8-10, 20, 50 & 100 kD)
Dry packaged with 20% glycerin
Sample Chamber2 Volume sizes (8-10 ml & 25-30 ml)
Biotech Grade Cellulose Ester (CE) Membrane
Polycarbonate top and bottom piece
Polyurethane potting
Female Luer-lok sample port
Polypropylene male Luer-lok cap
Buffer ChamberPolycarbonate housing
Polycarbonate end caps
6 mm (3/16 inch) hose-barb inlet / outlet ports
Dynamic Pump Rate10-20 ml/min (should be optimized for application)

Sample Chamber VolumeBuffer Chamber VolumeTotal LengthTotal Dia.Membrane Effective LengthMembrane Dia.
8-10 ml50-55 ml23 cm2.2 cm14-16 cm1.0 cm
25-30 ml120-130 ml50 cm2.2 cm36-38 cm1.0 cm


Ordering Information: Spectra/Por Tube-A-Lyzer Click part no. to add to cart

MWCOSample VolumeQTY
8-10 ml25-30 ml
CE0.1-0.5 kD1370021370423/pkg
3.5-5 kD137004137044
8-10 kD137006137046
20 kD137008137048
50 kD137009137049
100 kD137010137050

Price (US$):$170.50$209

Ordering Information: Tube-A-Lyzer Accessories Click part no. to add to cart
Part No.DescriptionPrice (US$)
137100Tube-A-Lyzer Sample Loading Kit
(includes 3 syringes (30cc), 3 dispensing tips & 2 coupling brackets)
137110Replacement Dispensing Tips, 12/pkg$76.22
ACTU-E16-25NExtended Life Silicone Tubing, 1/8 in. (3.1 mm) ID, 25 ft (7.6 m)$135

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Click on any part number for pricing information or to place an order.

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Dynamic Dialysis Applications:

  • Purification of Labile Proteins
  • Dialysis of Viscous Liquids
  • Desalting
  • Buffer & pH Change
  • Concentration of Antibodies
  • Binding Studies
  • Temperature Regulated Dialysis
  • Remove Oligosaccharides
  • Flow Dialysis / Batch Analysis
  • Tissue Culture Extract Purification

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