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Spectrum Labs, the leader in filtration and laboratory dialysis.
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Biotech Grade Dialysis Membranes:

Ultra-pure Biotech CE for better selectivity

Ultra-pure Biotech RC for better tolerance

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Only Spectrum offers Biotech grade dialysis membrane for those critical applications requiring stringent MWCO's and membrane purity. Since these synthetic membranes are made using a process free of heavy metal contaminants and sulfides, they are ultra-pure and require no cleaning or pre-treatment. Simply rinse with DI water, apply Universal Closures and load sample! Spectrum offers 2 different Biotech grade membrane types to meet the different demands of laboratory dialysis applications: Cellulose Ester (CE) for better MW selectivity & Regenerated Cellulose (RC) for better chemical tolerance.


  • Ultrapure for critical separations
  • Does not interfere with macromolecular activity & function
  • Rigidly controlled porosity for better separation (retention and passage)
  • 2 tubing types available for different applications (CE & RC)
  • Large selection of MWCO's & tubing sizes
  • Only Ready-to-Use dialysis devices with biotech grade membrane.

Biotech Grade CE
Dialysis Tubing & Trial Kits

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Biotech Cellulose Ester (CE) Membrane

Biologically inert and ultra-pure, Biotech CE is available in the largest selection of concise MWCO's (0.1 - 1000 kD) and sizes to provide better molecular separation for desalting, isolating ionic species and macromolecular purifications. More sensitive to harsh conditions and solvents. Generally tolerates weak or dilute acids & bases and mild alcohols with only a slight change to the MWCO. Exposure to most organic solvents may damage CE membranes. Use with pH 2-9 & temp 4-37 °C. Available in 10m/roll tubing and trial size dialysis kits (1m).

Biotech Grade RC
Dialysis Tubing & Trial Kits

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Biotech Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Membrane

Spectrum's premium dialysis membrane is crafted from a regeneration process to yield superior physical tolerances and chemical compatibilities while maintaining the same high purity. Tolerates concentrated-weak acids & bases, dilute-strong acids & bases, most alcohols and some mild or dilute organic solvents. Exposure to strong polar or organic solvents may damage RC membranes. Use with pH 2-12 & temp 4-60 °C. Available in dialysis tubing in 5m/roll tubing and trial size dialysis kits (0.5m).

Ready-to-Use Dialysis Devices
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Biotech Ready-to-Use Dialysis Devices

Pre-assembled and Ready-to-Use dialysis devices with ultrapure Biotech Grade CE tubular membrane for ultimate convenience, easy handling & total sample recovery. No accessories required.
3 types of dialysis devices available:
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Standard Grade RC Membrane
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Universal Dialysis Tubing Closures
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