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Laboratory Macrofiltration

Mesh for Macrofiltration Macrofiltration is the separation of suspended materials that are visible to the naked eye, by means of a size selective barrier with an opening ≥ 5 µm. There is a wide range of filter types available to meet the various macrofiltration applications with woven polymeric or stainless steel mesh being among the most popular.

U.S. Standard Sieve Size Reference Table

The U.S. Bureau of Standard and American Society of Testing Materials adopted the following "Sieve Size" specification as a means to standardize filtration mesh screens. The sieve number is an arbitrary designation and does not refer to a mesh count/inch.

Mesh SizeMesh Opening

Mesh SizeMesh Opening


Mesh Opening is the distance between the strands and is expressed in microns.

Open Area represents the proportion of the total area that is open space and is expressed as a percentage.

Mesh Thickness is the thickness of the woven screen (approximately two strands) and is expressed in microns.

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