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DynaGard® Filter Tips

Maximum Filtration on the Tip of a Syringe

Uniquely designed with looped hollow fiber membrane, DynaGard maximizes surface area and reduces fouling. The narrow housing design minimizes hold-up volume and enables easy aspiration and dispensing in ampules, test tubes & other small vessels. DynaGard Filters are available with either 0.2 µm hydrophilic mixed cellulose ester (ME) fibers for use with aqueous solutions or 0.2 µm hydrophobic polypropylene (PP) fibers for use with organic solvents and alcohols.

DynaGard Applications:

  • Cold sterilization of aqueous or organic solutions
  • Clarification or filtration of particulates
  • Gas or air filtration
  • Preparation of protein solutions for electrophoresis


ME Syringe Tip Filters for Aqueous Solutions

Product Specifications: 3 Sizes Available
Membrane SA:2.5 cm23.4 cm25.5 cm2
Filtration Volume:< 5 ml1 - 10 ml5 - 20 ml
Hold-up Volume:18 µl23 µl35 µl
Pore Rating:0.2 µm0.2 µm0.2 µm
Housing Length:3.0 cm4.3 cm5.4 cm
Housing Diameter:0.5 cm0.6 cm0.6 cm
Bottom End:ML TaperMLLML Taper
Available Irradiated:YESYESYES
HF Membrane:Mixed cellulose ester

PP Syringe Tip Filters for Organic Solutions

Product Specifications: 2 Sizes Available
Membrane SA:0.8 cm23.9 cm2
Filtration Volume:< 5 ml5 - 20 ml
Hold-up Volume:8 µl30 µl
Pore Rating:0.2 µm0.2 µm
Housing Length:3.0 cm5.4 cm
Housing Diameter:0.5 cm0.6 cm
Bottom End:ML TaperML Taper
Available Irradiated:NONO
Housing:Polypropylene (PP)
HF Membrane:Polypropylene (PP)

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Part No.DescriptionPore RatingSurface AreaSuggested
IRRFilling BellQty/PkgPrice

DG2M-110-50SSDynaGard - ME0.2 µm2.5 cm2< 5 mlFLL / ML taperYESN/A50$90
DG2M-23L-50SS3,4 cm 21 - 10 mlFLL / MLLYES50REQUEST
DG2M-330-50SS5.5 cm25 - 20 mlFLL / ML taperYES50REQUEST

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